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What we do for you


We offer a one-hour visit to the site. We will discuss your goals and options plus our ideas, given the geography, typography, available materials, and your budget.  



We design, create, and install all aspects of your landscape setting and its construction.




Services Offered

  • Gardens    design and install 
  • Landscapes   design and install
  • Patios   flagstone, fieldstone, brick                  bluestone paver , cobblestone
  • Decks 
  • Walkways
  •      Retaining walls
  •      Hardscapes and Stonescapes
  •      Pergolas, Arbors, Gazebos
  •      Outdoor kitchens   design and install
  •      Outdoor Fireplace and Firepits
  •      Boulders, washed river stone
  •      Water features and fountains
  •      Koi ponds, brooks, and waterfalls
  •      Solar and Low-Voltage Lighting 
  •      Underground Lawn Sprinklers
  •      Drip irrigation
  •      Lawn and grounds maintenance
  •      Organic garden compost
  •      Seasonal planting annuals and bulbs
  •      Custom garden gates 
  •      Custom fencing  
  •       Custom benches   stone or wood
  •       Custom mission-style tables
  •      Custom honeybee shelters
  •      Custom cabanas and sheds
  •       Custom bird and butterfly houses
  •      Custom bird feeders
  •      Custom potting sheds and benches
  •      Custom herb tables 
  •      Custom mission-style pet beds
  •      Mission-style table/dog bed combo
  •      Rustic cedar railings
  •      Rustic cedar grape arbors
  •      Rustic cedar trellises
  •      Custom wood window screens

  •      Custom wood screen doors

  •        Custom shutters
  •      Faux painting  inside and outside
  •           Holiday decorating inside and outside   


Maintenance Programs 





•  Structural pruning of ornamentals: remove dead wood, remove crossing branches,             promote growth of central leader, control desired shape

•  Early spring shaping of evergreen trees and shrubs (except rhododendrons and                 azaleas) 

•  Early spring shaping of specific deciduous shrubs

•  Midseason shaping of spring flowering shrubs (rhododendrons, azaleas, etc.)

•  Removal of rogue growths (keeping plants shapely)

•  Control of crowding plants

•  Enhancement pruning: preemptive early seasonal cutting back early in season to               promote a fuller bloom later in season


Garden Beds:


•  Early spring cleanup and raking out leaves and debris

•  Deadheading

•  Transplanting

•  Dividing perennials and ornamental grasses

•  Edging

•  Mulching

•  Weeding

•  Organic fertilizing of plants 

•  Soil amendments (iron, organic compost, etc.)

•  Late fall cleanup and raking out leaves and debris




•  Early spring cleanup and raking out leaves and debris

•  Weekly mowing 

•  Edging

•  Organic fertilizing  

•  Early spring cleanup and raking out leaves and debris



Lawn • Garden Sprinkler Systems: 


•  Early spring turn on (energize) irrigation system

•  Program clock

•  Adjust heads

•  Repairs as needed

•  Fall closing of irrigation (drain and blow out irrigation system / shut off clock and water)         


Additional Fine Gardening • Horticultural Services


•  Seasonal plantings (annuals, bulbs, planters, window boxes, containers)

•  Deer fencing

•  Holiday decorating

•  Party or wedding preparation of your grounds for the event. 

•  Storm clean-ups 

•  Painting

•  Various carpentry


The ecological design philosophy of S.E.T.Designs is incorporated into the maintenance of a site. So that the plants and garden settings in your environment can mature into all the glory that was envisioned in the original landscape scheme, we offer maintenance programs throughout the planting season.



Gardening • Horticultural • Lawn Services

Serving the entire Hudson Valley region

(Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange,

and Ulster, Sullivan Counties) and Fairfield County, CT, New Jersey, and beyond....

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Tel 845-361-3197 

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